Chardonnay Assisted Living provides two secure, comfortable assisted living facilities to the Twin Falls, ID area. Our affordable, locally owned 16 bed facility features the comforts of home, including 10 large rooms with half baths, and 5 large suites with full baths and kitchenettes. And we're next door to St. Luke's Clinic and Thomsen Park, which is always buzzing with activity.

Selecting the correct assisted living facility is a very important decision. Here are some of the reasons why choosing Chardonnay Assisted Living is the correct choice to make:

  • We built our dream home for you to live in:
    • For proof, simply check out our Photo Tour or call to schedule a live tour
    • Large rooms and suites
    • Designed so you can take walks indoors without retracing your steps
    • Affordability will NOT sacrifice the comforts of home

  • Chardonnay Assisted Living smells, looks, and is clean:
    • We pay attention to the details in cleanliness and atmosphere
    • Chardonnay feels like home

  • One of our core values is that we respect our elders:
    • It's our way of giving back to the generation who built our wonderful community
    • We love our residents like they were our own family

  • Our facility experiences higher than average visits by friends and family members:
    • Welcoming atmosphere
    • Pleasant smell and beautiful decorations
    • Friendly staff
    • Family and friends like to visit at Chardonnay Assisted Living

  • We are very selective in our staffing selections:
    • Incomparable care
    • Loving staff

At Chardonnay Assisted Living in Twin Falls, we truly did build our dream home for you to live in. Please, give us a call, we'd love to show off our facility to you.