At Chardonnay Assisted Living in Twin Falls, we built our dream home for you to live in.

Chardonnay Assisted Living is located in lovely Twin Falls, Idaho. The city of Twin Falls is the county seat and largest city of Twin Falls County, Idaho, located in south-central Idaho. Twin Fall's population was 44,125 as of the census of 2010.

Twin Falls is the largest city of south-central Idaho, commonly referred to as the Magic Valley. Since Twin Falls is the largest city in a 100-mile radius, Twin Falls serves as the regional commercial center for both the Magic Valley and northeastern Nevada. In fact, the resort community of Jackpot, Nevada is considered, unofficially, part of the greater Twin Falls area.

The great lifestyle of the Twin Falls area coupled with an affordable cost of living makes it one of the hottest spots in the nation for relocation. In Twin Falls, you'll meet friendly people who are able and willing to exceed your expectations. In Twin Falls, you'll find the kind of people you want to conduct business with and you just might that you'll want add them to your list of neighbors.

As you enter Twin Falls, you will cross the I. B. Perrine Bridge. The Perrine Bridge is approximately 1,500 feet long and 486 feet above the Snake River; the view is amazing. Located at the southwest end of the Perrine Bridge, on the Twin Falls side of the canyon, is the Buzz Langdon Visitor Center which offers spectacular views of the bridge, the canyon, and provides easy access to the well developed trail system that runs along the canyon rim. In fact, the trails go under the bridge on either side, which offers amazing vantage points of the canyon and the bridge and its structures.

The Perrine Bridge and Twin Falls are known all over the world as a popular BASE jumping site. It is most likely the only man-made structure in the United States where year-round BASE jumping is allowed without a permit. In September 2005, a BASE jumping world record was set by Miles Daisher of Twin Falls by jumping off Perrine Bridge 57 times within 24 hours. In July 2006, another man, Dan Schilling, jumped off the bridge 201 times in just under 21 hours to raise money for charity.

Just 3 miles east of Twin Falls, lies Shoshone Falls, often referred to as the Niagara of the West. At 212 feet tall, Shoshone Falls is among the most spectacular of the natural beauties found along the Snake River and the falls are 45 feet higher than Niagara Falls. Shoshone Falls are best viewed during the spring and early summer, as the water flows are usually at their highest - dependent upon winter snow melt. Irrigation diversion of the Snake River can significantly diminish water flow over Shoshone Falls in the summer and fall, especially during dry years. However, even when water flow is not at its highest, the views at Shoshone Falls are breath taking and spectacular all the year round.

At the heart of Twin Falls, is the College of Southern Idaho (CSI), a large community college. Several universities from around Idaho, including the University of Idaho (UofI), Boise State University (BSU), and Idaho State University (ISU), offer courses on the CSI campus. In 2007-2008, the CSI nursing program received money from the Idaho state budget to construct a state of the art nursing facility to complement its nursing program. In March 2011, the CSI men's basketball team won its 3rd NJCAA Division I Championship.

Twin Falls, Idaho is a great place to live, to work, and to retire. Chardonnay Assisted Living, in Twin Falls: we built our dream home for you to live in, in a community you can love. If you're looking for assisted living in Twin Falls, please give us a call.